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  1. Avatar of Co-Opp
    9:47 am on November 10, 2012

    I can’t wait guys! I’m so excited right now I could poop rainbows.

  2. Avatar of Mawson
    11:38 am on March 1, 2013


  3. Avatar of Jake ThomasStacker
    12:05 pm on March 1, 2013

    Stacks. Stacks. Stacks. Stacks.

  4. Avatar of Ben HardingStacker
    1:29 am on March 3, 2013

    So i just noticed that this stack is for November 2013… So far away!

    • Avatar of David BainesRequested By UserStacker
      2:15 am on March 3, 2013

      It’s an example stack. For testing purposes.

      Start a stack BennEh! You’re an admin so you don’t even need to use the request form, hover over the “+New” button at the top and hit stack and check out my awesome stack plugin for WordPress. It’s pretty cool.

      Feel free to play around with it. If you find any bugs or issues let me know and I’ll try and squash them.

      I just implemented a team generator, so when it comes time to stack it grabs everyone who is stacking, shuffles them around and puts them in to teams. You can even specify how many teams you want. I’m pretty good at this internet stuff.

  5. Avatar of Rhys AronsonStacker
    10:22 pm on July 13, 2013

    Weee Co-Opp!

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